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5 Reasons To Choose M Bar C

5 Reasons to Choose M Bar C

Within an ever-expanding industry, M Bar C still stands above the rest. Here are 5 reasons to choose M Bar C to partner with you and your organization as we build a better future today. M Bar C Construction has been building superior solar and shade structures for...

2019 Wrap Up

2019 Wrap Up

In 2019, M Bar C Construction carports not only spanned across the nation, but they also broke solar carport records. 2019 proved to be a record-setting year for M Bar C Construction. From the Honolulu International Airport to Cape Cod Transit Center, our solar...

New Records For Safety Program

New Records for Safety Program

M Bar C Construction Safety Program has earned two recognized safety awards-2019 AGC Construction Safety Excellence Award & 2019 ABC Platinum Safety Award. In 2019, the M Bar C Construction Safety Program and crew earned two recognized safety awards. M Bar C...

5 Ways We Are Creating A Better Future

5 Ways We Are Creating a Better Future

Committing to sustainability beyond solar carports. With over 1.3 million solar panels installed on carport sites nationwide, sustainability runs in the veins of M Bar C Construction. Since the birth of M Bar C in 1975, we have been committed to sustainability. And...