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M Bar C Construction gallery offers a variety of options for shade and solar structures.

M Bar C has been building carports since 1975 and solar structures since 1997. With an extensive portfolio of completed projects, we are considered one of the Top 500 North American Solar Contractors. Many of our projects are design/build and we work with our client to develop the perfect solution for their needs. We offer a growing catalog of products from solar structures to fabric canopies. M Bar C also offers options for foundation types, finish options, and other additional details. Ask us about which solution will suit your needs.


Which structure is right for your project?

M Bar C Construction offers an extensive product line with customizable options and custom engineering is available. Our structure options include but is not limited to:

T-Structures, Semi-Cantilever, Parking Garage, Ground Mounts, Two-Post Structures, DSA Structures, Fabric and Steel (non-solar) Shade Structures.

Many of these options can be installed with solar and custom engineering is available for those looking for something truly unique.

We are a world-class contractor.

M Bar C Construction holds a professional reputation for superior innovative products, safe quality production, recognizable showpieces and unconventional solutions to industry challenges. Our team is a family, and our priority is to strengthen our business relationships through integrity and unparalleled service.

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