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Save a Life


M BAR C Construction champions sudden cardiac arrest prevention, the leading cause of death on school campuses. 

M Bar C Construction is proud to support and donate to the Eric Paredes Save A Life Foundation.

Save A Life
 M BAR C Construction has partnered with the Eric Paredes Save A Life Foundation to implement a cardiac emergency response plan in schools. 

​The hallmark of the program is to offer school districts a free automated external defibrillator (AED) that is donated to their schools, plus a monitoring service for one year and a CPR/AED certification class for up to 10 at no cost. Once a heart is in sudden cardiac arrest, an AED is the only way to restart the heart. Immediate response and CPR are a bridge to life when seconds literally mean the difference between life and death.

The Eric Paredes Save A Life Foundation will help the school implement a plan to respond to a cardiac emergency. This is a best practice instituted by the American Heart Association and endorsed by 12 national health and safety organizations, including the National Association of School Nurses, the Society of Health and Physical Educators, the American Academy of Pediatrics and AASA – The School Superintendent’s Association.


Teens Screened


Cardiac Abnormalities


At Risk

The value of this complimentary program is $2,000. 

A representative from the Eric Paredes Save A Life Foundation will contact the school to coordinate:

  • Delivery and installation of AED
  • Enrollment of AED in 1-year monitoring program
  • Implementation of cardiac emergency response plan
  • Distribution of sudden cardiac arrest awareness information

Thank you for joining us in our mission to protect young hearts.

Jason Ianni, President and CEO

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We do this for: Eric A. Paredes May 3, 1994–July 23, 2009

Eric was a healthy teen looking forward to being on the varsity wrestling team. An outgoing, energetic, charming young man who loved life, his family and his friends, Eric was known for his smile. He was passionate about making changes so that the world could be a better place. He wanted to be a police officer.

In July 2009, Eric was packing his suitcase to go on a much-anticipated family cruise. His mother left the house for an appointment and his father came home for lunch 20 minutes later. He found Eric collapsed on the kitchen floor and started CPR, but it was too late. Life changed that day, forever. Long Q-T Syndrome is suspected.

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

Thousands of kids die annually from SCA. In fact, 1 in 300 is at risk from an undetected heart condition. Learn about risk factors, warning signs, and preventative heart screenings, as well as what to do once SCA strikes.

Help us save lives.

If you would like to help us champion this effort along with the Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation, please contact us today. We will then reach out to you and discuss how we can make a difference together and help save thousands of lives this school year.